Tuesday, July 23

A fresh start from a new perspective...

Okay, so I'm pretty bad at updating this blog thing. When I first started it, I imagined I would use it as a reflection page for how I can better myself as a teacher AND I thought I would use it to share ideas that I've had and projects that I've come up with. Well, life had another journey for me over the past year. Here is a quick update about my life and what you can expect from the blog...

During the last school year (my first full teaching year--I actually survived it) I have went through the ups and downs of actually being a first year teacher, also, I have went through the difficult task of going through a divorce. Needless to say, dealing with all of that kind of set this blog on the back burner. I have redeemed some sort of stability back in my life and I now have a clear picture of what I would like to see with this blog, and I hope you keep coming back to see it develop into something AMAZING and RESOURCEFUL!

Going forward, I am still going to use this blog as a reflection page about what I would like to do better for my students and what I can do to better myself as a teacher. I will also utilize this blog to share ideas and projects....basically, the blog idea hasn't changed one bit, I'm just going to be better about updating it. Please continue to come back and check it out and see what is HOPPING in Mr. Schulz's 2nd grade class.

I am finishing up getting my classroom in order and like the last post said (yes...the one from a year ago) I will post my finished classroom pictures as well as some organizational ideas that I have come up with because everything that I THOUGHT I had figured out being a "know it all just out of college teacher" have seemed to blow up in my face. I hope to see you all again very soon... Please leave me a comment to let me know what YOU as a reader would like to see, or to offer words of encouragement or anything like that, don't forget to click the "follow" button so you have instant access to my newest blog entries.... CHEERIO!!! 

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